Little Big Shots

Known as a family-friendly entertainment show, Little Big Shots is a gathering place for children aged 3 to 13 who are invited to chat and showcase their talents in front of the audience. The show is very addictive, not only because of the humor and wit of the host but also because of the cuteness and charm of the young “stars.”

What makes Little Big Shots special is that contestants come from various countries and showcase a diverse range of skills and talents in different fields such as piano, dancing, singing, composing music, martial arts, pet training, painting, memory feats, magic, and more. This diversity adds to the allure and appeal of the show for audiences in each episode.

Since its premiere on NBC in 2016, Little Big Shots has expanded its reach to 11 territories including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Despite having only produced two seasons, Little Big Shots has quickly become one of the most beloved and highly-watched entertainment shows, achieving the highest viewership ratings for NBC in the past decade. Despite its relatively short existence, Little Big Shots has made a significant impact, serving as a platform for young talents worldwide.

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