The Brain

The Brain is a program that seeks to uncover the extraordinary abilities of the human mind, originating from Germany and having been adapted in several countries such as Spain, Ukraine, France, and more. Among these, The Brain in China is the most successful version of the program. Like other popular television shows, The Brain has been translated into multiple languages to serve fans worldwide.

It sounds like The Brain offers a diverse range of challenges across various fields such as memory, observation, problem-solving, and Rubik’s Cube. With its ability to showcase exceptional talents and intellect, The Brain promises to evoke a wide range of emotions from awe and surprise to admiration and wonder.

the contestants in The Brain have to go through three rounds of competition. In the first round, called the visibility round, contestants must overcome challenges set by the program based on their abilities. Judges rate these challenges on a scale from 1 to 5 based on their difficulty. After successfully completing the challenge, the scientific judges will score them on a scale of 10. The total score for each contestant is the score given by the scientific judges multiplied by the total score of the other judges. If the total score is 80 or above, the contestant will receive an honorary cup and become a member of the team.

The contestants who advance from the visibility round will compete against each other or accept challenges from new contestants. At the end of the round, the top 4 outstanding contestants will be selected. They will represent the host country in the final round against international contestants.

“The Brain” is definitely a television program that you shouldn’t miss.

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