The Ellen DeGeneres Show

This is also a famous TV show in the United States aired on NBC. To date, the show has run for 12 seasons, with each episode lasting about 1 hour and airing 5 days a week. The show includes segments such as interviews with famous guests or individuals trending on the internet (a traditional prank segment in the show is Ellen scaring her guests), audience dance segments, musical performances, comedy clips, and more.

Ellen DeGeneres is indeed the host of the show, a 27-time Emmy award winner (if you didn’t know, she was highly successful as the host of the 2014 Oscars ceremony). She is extremely humorous, cool, and very nice :)). While this show may not feature as many captivating games as The Tonight Show that I introduced earlier, Ellen’s charming hosting style will keep you entertained throughout. I’ve watched interviews from about ten talk shows and entertainment shows, both in the UK and the US (of course, I only watched a few clips :P), and personally, I find Ellen very easy to listen to. The content isn’t overly complicated to understand, and Ellen’s hosting style is incredibly subtle and entertaining. Whether you want something cool, empathetic, or funny, Ellen delivers. (You know it’s something when she can host the lengthy 3-hour Oscars ceremony so smoothly.)

Especially nowadays, most of the cut clips from the show within the past year on YouTube have subtitles available in the CC section. This makes it easy to follow along without needing a strong understanding of English. One small detail I’ve noticed is that all interview clips with kid guests have comments disabled on YouTube to prevent negative or harmful comments that could affect the children. It’s a small gesture but very considerate.

Another fascinating aspect of the show is the high level of interaction. Audience members can be invited to participate directly in the recording sessions. The show is also generous in giving gifts to the audience. For example, in an episode featuring Chris Hemsworth promoting The Avengers 2, all audience members received tickets to the film’s premiere. In another episode, a guest was surprised with a $10,000 scholarship for college. The show also caters to its predominantly female audience (approximately 90%, based on my own observations, so the accuracy may vary) by inviting hot male guests or models to the set.

Some episodes that I highly recommend are the ones featuring Chris Hemsworth (he’s not only hot but also incredibly funny), Amy Schumer (she’s a comedian, and every word she says is hilarious; there’s even an episode where the host just sits there laughing and can’t say much), Macey Hensley (this 5-year-old is adorable, polite, and incredibly smart, so she’s continuously invited back to the show), Noah Ritter (at first, he was funny, but in recent episodes, his attitude has become a bit too much for my liking), Eddie Redmayne, Chris Pratt, Jimmy Fallon, and many more.

Additionally, there’s a recurring guest in this season, Matt Lauer, who is also a host of another show. Ellen and him specialize in pranking each other and filming the results :)) (the source of this prank war is here). Another hilarious segment is when Ellen participates in recreating trailers and scenes from movies. You can search on YouTube for “Ellen in 50 Shades of Grey,” “Ellen in Harry Potter,” “Ellen in Breaking Dawn,” and every clip is incredibly funny

The show is very engaging and highly entertaining

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