The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is a late-night American television show airing at 11:34 pm on the NBC network, with a duration of 62 – 63 minutes. It is the seventh iteration of the long-standing The Tonight Show brand, which has been highly popular on NBC, with Jimmy Fallon being the sixth host in the show’s history. To date, the episode aired on June 26, 2015, was episode 289 in the show’s second season.

The show consists of various segments, beginning with a monologue based on specific topics by Jimmy Fallon. Following the monologue, the show proceeds with interviews, performances, and interspersed games.

Celebrity interviews: Are indeed a highlight of each episode, where various guests are invited to promote their latest projects such as movies, new songs, or other endeavors. These interviews are conducted by Jimmy Fallon, the host, and the dynamics of each conversation largely depend on the guest and the topics discussed. Some interviews are incredibly hilarious, while others may feel a bit flat. However, there have been several memorable and entertaining interviews over the years.

What makes these interviews fascinating is not just the stories the guests bring but also the reactions from the audience, the guests themselves, and of course, Jimmy Fallon. Their interactions often lead to memorable and sometimes unexpected moments that keep viewers entertained.

Jimmy Fallon’s Thank you notes: This is the segment where host Jimmy Fallon writes humorous, sarcastic ‘thank you’ notes in an American style. I highly recommend this part, but personally, even though I’ve watched many clips, I still can’t fully understand everything because the content is closely related to American life.

Pros and cons: Host Jimmy Fallon will present a topic (Buying an Apple watch, Dating Britney Spears, Graduating colleges…) and then humorously weigh the pros and cons of that action/topic from a humorous perspective (just for fun), making it very easy to follow as the text appears on the screen so you don’t need to have a good command of English to understand. The content is funny and easy to understand but still quite insightful. I highly recommend this segment.

Hashtags: This is the most entertaining and easy-to-watch segment in my opinion, where the audience also has the opportunity to interact with the show. Audience members write tweets recounting funny stories related to the hashtags provided on the show’s Twitter account. The host selects the most interesting tweets to read on the show and adds some commentary :)). The Hashtags segment is always hilarious, but my favorite hashtags are DadQuotes and MomQuotes because every tweet is knee-slapping funny and very relatable

Comedy sketches: This segment features short comedy sketches similar to the style of ‘Gặp nhau cuối tuần’ in Vietnam. Host Jimmy Fallon also participates in various roles. This type of segment is very popular on American shows in general. However, sometimes due to the comedic nature, some episodes may feature exaggerated voices or accents that make it difficult to understand all the content (like in the sketch titled ‘Ew :’). Some comedy sketches that I like include ‘Obama & Putin phone conversation,’ ‘Real people fake arms,’ and recently, in an episode with Channing Tatum promoting the new Magic Mike movie, there was a sketch called ‘Kid Theater.’ Basically, the producers give elementary school students the title ‘Magic Mike’ and have them write dialogue for a short scene (unrelated to the movie). Then, Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon act out the scene, and every line is hilariously entertaining.

Music parodies: Besides the parodies, there’s also a really cool segment called Classroom Instruments, where Jimmy Fallon and the show’s band, The Roots, along with another guest singer, perform a song in an acapella style using musical instruments typically found in elementary school classrooms. Every time I watch these clips, I’m amazed by their creativity and talent. It’s always jaw-dropping to see how they can turn simple instruments into such an engaging musical performance

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